Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Merry Crimble to all our readers...if there is any that is :)

Well, been an interesting couple of weeks since the last post. Mum's had her operation, I've been camped at her place for a while now (been home for an hour last Saturday...) and she's recuperating well with all the TLC she's been getting from those around her.

Nigel and Christine have been great and we are repaying them via a football game for Nigel (Fulham v Watford on New Years Day) an a girls night out when Janice comes 'down' from Aberdeen next month. (I was going to write the wilderness there, but that's not fair - they have a sort of civilisation there, at least one MacDonald's!!!)

One downer is they've found other cells, and Mother is going to have to undergo radiotherapy in the new year.

It's her birthday tomorrow and years ago we decided that as she didn't want, or need 'owt for the house or herself, that we'd take her for a meal and a trip to the the theatre in London. We booked her into the Mousetrap this year and were going to the little restaurant of the strand we'd taken Suzie's mum to a couple of years ago, and as can be seen, a good time was had by all!!

As she can't come, Denise is taking her place - good job it's not musical!!!

Then we're off to Germany on Saturday morning for a few days - yummy, looking forward to the first taste of that luvverly beer; mmmmnnnnnnnnn.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

An up and down week.

Been an up and down week - Watford gave it a go last Monday and redeemed themselves in he eyes of the watching football; still not pretty, but successful. Hertford had a good win on Tuesday after the poor performance last Saturday and mother had her operation. Which is why I'm sat here in her flat typing this rather than lounging about i our nest.

She's well, but sore and as long as she does as she's told she'll be okay.

This means NO ironing, or washing, or fact no domestics at all (that's my job for the next few weeks... :)

So, plans and things.
  • Going to miss The Hornets game home to Reading today - I'm doing the early hospital visit so mum's friend Nigel doesn't have too much available time to say with her - he 'did her head in ' yesterday. Very kind, but just outstayed his welcome by a couple of hours.
  • Domestics here, eg tidy MY mess up in case they discharge her tomorrow.
  • Pop down to Swindon to see Suzie's sisters and drop off crimble pressies.

Deep Thoughts

Sat last night contemplating my naval and wondering about the meaning of life ad how I should use this to add mt pennyworth to the growing virtual community but at present I really haven't got any. Football, food and drink is my limit at present, BUT i promise I'll try to present my deeper feelings about the worlds around me - maybe.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Another week, another crap game of football....

Optimism was high in August, less so after all the crap decisions given against us by "professional referees" - put much more eloquently than I ever could by Iceman from Glory Horns forum But being beat by a crap team, in a crap game, by a crap decision, (Danny Webber WAS offside by at least a yard), really has pissed me off. Hopefully, this is now the nadir, and we will move onwards and upwards from here. In another life I knew a guy who's catch word (in amateur dramatics) was quietly confident - I'm trying, BUT........

Anyway, there are more important things in life than football ( not too sure about that). Mother is having 'it all taken away' (to quote the late great Hilda Baker) this week to stop any attacking cells. Nuff said.

Plans for the weekend?
First - domesticity rears it's ugly head - need clothes as it's getting cold out there!!
Second - watch Hertford play Welwyn Garden City, as WFC have another weekend off (bloody sky...grrrr.)
Thirdly - get up to date with the paying stuff. Had a letter this week about the future of teacher's pensions. Came with a great shock that this time in TEN years I'll be retired, (from teaching if not from work - look out Tesco's/ Sainsbury's, here I come for the most menial, non responsible, no kids jobs I can find!!!). Bleeding hell, time moves exceedingly quickly when you're having fun!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why are we so awake at weekends....?

It's still dark outside on a wild November morning and I've been awake since 5:30 am.


Yesterday ( and Thursday for all that matters) couldn't get enough sleep - took the alarm to drag me out of bed feeling completely knackered before the day even started.

But today - OH NO, awake at the proverbial crack. Had a wee, tried to bore myself into sleep by listening to The Ashes (least said about this typical English debacle the better at present - I'll let the commentators on radio and TV rightly tear the team and management to bits,) but to no avail.

So here I am - tapping into this instead of keeping Suzie awake with my non so gentle snoring.

So - what's happened in the life of Peter and Suzie. Not too much it has to be said. Pottering around our little nest, getting on with life - washing, cooking and all that. Beginning to get ourselves all prepared for crimble. More Suzie than me, haven't bought a pressie yet whislt she is well on track. Looking forward to Germany - we're going out on 23rd dec and back on 28th. NO CHRISTMAS FOOD SHOPPING - YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

Plans for the weekend

  • Domestic stuff - in particular iron!!

  • Going to watch Leverstock Green v Hertford of the table clash in South Spartans Premier League.

  • Tidy car- it's a bit messy to say the least.

  • err - bit of school work tomorrow before watching Man U v Chelski on tv.

  • Then we're off to Hertford Castle Hall to see the Independent Ballet Wales perform Giselle with Suzise's sisiter Pam.


They've turned this wonderful place into a BURGER BAR.....grrrrrrr

Sunday, November 12, 2006

up/down weekend.

Well here we are - just watched Arsenal stuff Liverpool on TV - nice play, it could be an interesting end to the season, (not that The Hornets are going to be involved. Taught a lesson by Chelski yesterday & lost 4-0. Drogba hat trick.

Now there's a lesson for any young kid watching all the diving and cheating. Drogba has stopped his ' antics' in league footy and consequently has delivered the business, mmmnnnn.

Went and had a good afternoon at Hertford and watched reserves play St MARGARETSBURY RES. Good game of football which we comfortably won.
Great night on Friday - surprise from Suzie. She led me (nearly blindfold) to Castle Hall Hertford and lo - there were the:-

Wow - have enjoyed their music since the first album. Never thought I'd see them in little old Hertford. Great night from the (as they like to be alluded to...) Spice Girls of the Court of Henry VIII.!!
Thence to our first Thai together - yummy

Lastly - here are the great things in life....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So much for my 'daily' updates....

Been a while (again) since thew last post - something to do with being absolutely cream crackered since going back to school after half-term.

Up and down couple of weeks - footy is going alright, we're not going to set the Premiership alight yet, but at least we've won a game.,,10400~33496,00.html

Middle grandchild was 2 last Friday so we paid a visit to the lovely Weymouth on Sunday and had a great day all round.

Monday Mother had a little visit to hospital for an MOT - interesting to see her in the ward when I picked her up. All the younger models around still knocked out by the anaesthetic, but she was sat on chair raring to go. Had to stop her from tearing around the flat when we got home to do 'housework'.

Sort of made me think about her childhood and it's effect on her now and comparing that with a modern child now. She would have been 12/13 at start of WWII and grew up in East London during the worst of the Blitz (with a brief stay in Devon when evacuated). She has never really talked about this part of her life, but it must have had a great emotional effect on her. She has mentioned the Doodlebugs though - and how terrifying they were. One lasting effect has been her terror of running out of toilet paper!!

Off to badminton now - can't believe how absolutely knackered I am - strain of worrying about mother must have taken more out of me than i thought. Looking forward to the Kebab afterwards though...yummy.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Plans, Plans, Plans....

Friday was one of those good days you occasionally get in life. Suzie left for work, I found inspiration for our assembly at school and had a pretty chilled out day wandering around London.

Weather was great as I wandered down to Hertford East station - caught train to Liverpool Street, then tube and Docklands Light to Greenwich Cutty Sark. Felt like the little children who were in the carriage with me - excited at moving on a train without a driver!!

Had a wander around the craft market - nothing changes since last time there, same stalls selling same crud at inflated prices. Tried some Sushi for the first time - not bad, very salty but will give it a go again. Thence to Goddard's Pie House...

for the yummy pie and liquor..

Caught boat thence towards The Tower. Been discussing Pepys with the children at school and went cruising past one of the places on the bank he would still recognise - the Naval College.

Mind you, he would completely bamboozled by the opposite bank!!

walked from The Tower (was thinking of going in BUT they wanted £15 - no way hozay) along to The Monument - killed myself walking UP IT - all 202 feet and 311 steps. - worth it though...
Few beers in the evening at Margaret's benefit dance rounded off a good day.
Saturday 28th
Nervous drive to VicarageRoad = didn't expect anything from game and after the way we played on Tuesday thought it would be really poor game. Wrong, thoroughly deserved draw... mind you should have been a win as Ashleigh'sgoal WAS on side...
Fish and Chip supper at Suzie's dancing club rounded off a good couple of days - now to plan for school.....
Sunday 29th.

Today, we shall (possibly....)

  • Search for Suzie's birth certificate (which is in a 'box' somewhere....)
  • Wander around a couple of boot sales,
  • have a relaxing lunch - not sure what yet, but the pudding HAS to be rhubarb crumble using Auntie Joyce's rhubarb.
  • Watch TV (West Ham NEED to lose again..)and prepare for going back to work hoo still haven't won the lottery!!

As for my present reading - couldn't get Iris Murdoch, but browsin library found Hemingway's 'A Farewell To Arms' and reading that.

Also just finished 'James Boswell 1740 - 1795 The Scottish Perspective'.

This gave me a strange feeling - I've been reading chronologically the published journals by Yale University. It was readingBoswell's London Journal 1762-1763 (1950) that really introduced him to me, although I had heard about him and his Biography of Johnson. Took a liking to him straight away, the way he describes those around him (even if he is very egocentric...) and since then have spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to track down all the published work. Suzie presented me with a First Edition of An Account of Corsica (1768). At present I am in process of reading Boswell for the Defence 1769-1774 (1960) , decided to read some of the other 'Boswellia' I've gathered, hence The Scottish Perspective. When I came to his death in 1795 - it was as if somebody I'd become close to left long before their time - quite sad really, a link broken almost. In my wish list you'll find some of Boswell's writing.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Half - term...

what have we done then? Not a lot (although Janice will be exceedingly glad to know the loo door is fixed...), booked Mother's birthday pressie - going to see The Mousetrap ( on 21st Dec - should be fun.

We'll have to go to THE traditional restaurant this year, (lovely little Italian just off The Strand )relive the good times in the past - celebrate Barbara - not mourn and have a bottle of wine for her, she'll enjoy that.

Been busy getting all cybered up = set up our own little web site - I'm sure all you techno's out there could do something much more exotic- but it'll come.

What 's the plan for the rest of today then - (think I'll try and keep this up to date on a daily basis even if I don't manage to pan it out much!!).

  • Get dressed would be a good idea - quite sure Bengeo doesn't want to see a podgy middle aged bloke wandering around the village with just a towel on (bath was GOOOOD).
  • Pop to shop - get victuals for brekkies (well lunch then).
  • Wander off to Hoddesdon to get Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea, the Sea' - going to read all the past Booker Prize winners ( and after a quick search of the local library catalogue this is the earliest one available without having to reserve.
  • GOT to plan for next week at school - helps if you know what you're doing!!
  • Badminton, Beer and Kebab.

Tomorrow off to London. Think it'll be Greenwich (market and Pie and Mash)and then The Courtauld Institute Gallery followed by a quick beer on the river, then to meet Suzie at Mother's.

We're going to benefit dance for one of our Teaching Assistants (Margaret) - hubby has cancer of the throat and his sick pay is cobblers - lots of drinking then!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

What the f.....
Just joined the 'cyber' society of the yahoo chat rooms - and as the line say's, what the f... is going on there?  Either I'm very slow or my life hasn't been as sad as I thought it is!!  Lots of extremely weird names, so have taken myself to the '50's' room - bonkers!!
A pleasant weekend has been had by all - Suzie went dancing and I went to chill at Hertford ( they won - see . )  As for the Golden Boys - drew nil all away at Charlton.  Not encouraging - going to see them on Tuesday in League Cup against Hull - MUST win...
Not sure what we're supposed to use these blogs for - need to read some more to get the feel of what it is I'm doing here.  I've glimpsed articles and bits on tv news about how people have used them to change lives - if i was that ambituous I'd have tried harder in y life... Don't fanatically want to write about my daily life at school, but mught try to put in the more funny bits (if I can remember them - seeing as dementia appears to be setting in early)
talking of forgetting - Baby daughter was 26 on Sat - WOW!! Didn't forget her birthday - just the card - it's on it's way now though.  AND if you're looking Debs - you're the baby baby daughter!!
Night night Jon Boy

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where are we....

It's been a while, but as there's been no one around to read or add, couldn't be bothered to carry on with this, but let's give it another go.

Not that I haven't been keeping diary, aka James Boswell, ( )over the summer. Kept a detailed log of our hols and I'll perhaps put it on line here.

So, where are we....

Well Watford are not doing so well BUT since my last epislte we've managed to glory our way into the Premiership and if you want to know more about that read this I couldn't put it any better...What a day.

Some things don't change in life - whilst jotting this I'm watching England v Australia !! We were doing well, but the ozzies are clawing their way back into it (ICC World Cup in India - both need to win to stay in).

We're fine - both enjoying work (I know - shame on us!!) But wouldn't complain if we won the lottery though...)

We've planned our hols for next year - Germany for Christmas, Paignton in May and then off to the Antipodes for the summer (New Zealand - if you can get me in a plane that is!!)

So - what next? Well simple - football and hair do's are the order of today.