Saturday, December 09, 2006

An up and down week.

Been an up and down week - Watford gave it a go last Monday and redeemed themselves in he eyes of the watching football; still not pretty, but successful. Hertford had a good win on Tuesday after the poor performance last Saturday and mother had her operation. Which is why I'm sat here in her flat typing this rather than lounging about i our nest.

She's well, but sore and as long as she does as she's told she'll be okay.

This means NO ironing, or washing, or fact no domestics at all (that's my job for the next few weeks... :)

So, plans and things.
  • Going to miss The Hornets game home to Reading today - I'm doing the early hospital visit so mum's friend Nigel doesn't have too much available time to say with her - he 'did her head in ' yesterday. Very kind, but just outstayed his welcome by a couple of hours.
  • Domestics here, eg tidy MY mess up in case they discharge her tomorrow.
  • Pop down to Swindon to see Suzie's sisters and drop off crimble pressies.

Deep Thoughts

Sat last night contemplating my naval and wondering about the meaning of life ad how I should use this to add mt pennyworth to the growing virtual community but at present I really haven't got any. Football, food and drink is my limit at present, BUT i promise I'll try to present my deeper feelings about the worlds around me - maybe.

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