Saturday, October 31, 2015

#getfitordie...part three!!

When I was young, okay 55 ish, I decided to go on a #getfitordie splurge and started to attempt to run ...didn't last , gained an inflamed nerve in my shoulder and I basically gave up!!

Over next couple of years I bloomed, or should that be 'boomed' into a chip eating well over 15 stone fatty..saw a pic Claire took of me as a whale in Wales, and started #getfitordie part 2 - a regime of walking and an intense diet AND it worked- 9 months later and I was both fitter and lighter.

Now, I'm heading rapidly towards my 60th year and want to both stay fit and enjoy food and wine and, we enter #getfitordie version 3!!

I have set me a target of running in the Isle of Coll 10km race in August next year...which had the added bonus of allowing me an Island hopping holiday was my first 'run'...!  So, 4.29 miles, 6.9 km in under 54 minutes is my target to beat, then on to the 10km!!

Regime will be (when possible) run Sat or Sun..walk sat or sun and run on a Tuesday evening ( plus badders on a Thursday)...quite an active lifestyle !!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yarkshire…October 2015

Up here in Yorkshire for a few days, Mother should have been here as its a bit of circle completing…

Staying with cousin Jen & Bob’s at their new pad ( over the years they seem to have lived in every part of North Yorks and Cleveland!!) here at Liverton Mines.  

Why a circle I hear you ask?

St Hilda's 28th July 1949
Well, Liverton is next to Loftus, which is next to Skinningrove, which is where Grandma & Grandad were living  when Dad met Mum…in a railway house.  And where they were married in 1949 at St Hilda’s Church (which is now derelict)…So Skinningrove, Carling How ( where Dad worked after the navy), Brotton et al have special memories for Mother.  

When Grandad retired, Grandma and him moved into a downstairs flat in Loftus, which is where i come in !!  

My I remember them ...
My memories are of a warm kitchen, yorkies, walking down to Skinningrove, marvelling at all the Pigeon Lofts, playing with The Dale family, paddling (even then i recognised that The North Sea is bloody cold ), fishing with Dad.  

As I grew, and we moved from Eaglescliffe to Chesham and the trips became holidays and we stayed with Aunty Dorothy in Eaglescliife, or Great Aunt Doris in Whitby, the buses became important. And the trains from Eaglescliife!! 

But after Granddad & Grandma died in the mid ‘60s, Loftus became a place we passed through, rather than stopped at.  

Over the years, the places we've stayed at have been the various homes of Christine (Rounton and The Pig Farm), Auntie Dorothy (Eaglescliffe and Whitby), Jennifer (Eaglescliffe  - (from where they moved whilst I was bringing a then girlfriend in the RAF for a visit…Peter the Prat going strong), Thornaby, least 3 different addresses  - best 2 being one overlooking Sandsend and a little cottage off Blue Bank)

I DO like Whitby…not sure I could live there full time.

Right, so what ‘ave we been doing this visit.

First, Mother should have been here, idea was to show her J & B’s new abode, but she caught a bug, was told she was very contagious, and had to be quarantined!! Gladly, nothing to do with her op.

Day 1 Saturday- drove up via A1… as it appeared did EVERYBODY else in the south…rammed!  Stopped for brekkie ( well brunch) at Northallerton, then a lovely meander around the Mooors to arrive here sat evening.  PUB - Camerons Strongarm Ale…

Day 2 Sunday - walked the dog with Suzie, down to Skinningrove Beach.  Still cold, still windy, lot less pigeon lofts, looks as if there is a bit more pride in the place ( we have often been to the CHIPPIE on our trips top north, as Mother has memories of it being the BEST CHIPPIE in the western hemisphere - as did I to be true, along with the one at the bottom of Sycamore Road, Yarm…and anywhere else north of Chesham!!)

Early lunch as Stephen and Mandy were paying a visit…which made the day very long! (no, not Stephen and Mandy ...having lunch early!!)

Day 3 Monday - Had a long walk with Roxie…mainly ‘cos we got our selves a tad lost in the wood by the beck!!  Felt good afterwards…Then a trip to Whitby in a bus. A tad different to the old United ones I grew up with!!  Whitby - packed, not a fun place at all now, cant move along Church Street, and Aunt Doris’s Kiln Yard looks very wrong in Blue..oh um, move on…

Day 4 Tuesday - Walked to Guisborough along The Cleveland Street Trail - is also the route of The Ironstone Heritage Walk…nearly gave up at North Skelton, when couldn't find the route, postie pointed me in the right direction and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  Felt very good at the end…coffee and a beer!

Went out after tea (cooked by my goodself and a bottle of red!!). Intention was to have a drink in the pubs Dad & Mum drank in when they were courting/first married.  Soooo, rang Mum - The Angel said she…Its now ‘The Angel CafĂ© !!  SO, across the road to the Britannia…no ale…Next, The White Horse - here I am in North Yorkshire, their ales…Charlie Wells and Ringwood!! Had a pint of the latter, watched a bit of footie, then moved onto The Golden Lion, which I recall Dad talking about…WOW, strange place!! Very cheap Sam Smiths ale, very cheap. odd, okay, eccentric, customers…left me beer and went back to The Holywell - Camerons Strongarm.

Day 5 Wednesday - Took Roxie out for a last walk - to Skinningrove beach and back up ‘The Lane’ -which was exactly as I recalled - red brick building at the top et al…

My Nappies...My first home...

Another one of those lovely Picture Stories..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

and The Bench..

Well, its year is up...

Autumn Update...Part Five!!!

And there's more...

Wanderings...Off To Europe We Go...With a (nearly) TEENAGER!!!

Well, we made a mistake, and I'll be the first to put up my hand and admit it...we should have asked a friend to come as well.  Sorry Alisha...but you were fairly patient with us/me...probably more patient than me!!

Anyway, we went off on an adventure, to Luxembourge...(somewhere diffrent, we thought!!).

To Camp Kengert..

Plan was to make it as much of an adventure as we could ( being a couple of fairly non-exciting people!)  Go on an overnight ferry, to experience a reasonable trip and a cabin, not to long a drive through Holland & Belgium to Luxembourg. Alisha had her own tent, we had electricity for the first time camping  (gone soft ...)'s another of those lovely Google Photo's Story thingies... you'll pick up on a creams, plus the artistic pics taken by the young lady. :)


Think we more than made up for that error by taking her bestie shopping on her birthday :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Autumn Update...Part Four!!

More Wanderings...  (just realised I've repeated this one, oh hum...) 

Right, where were we...?

Into the late spring, another Bank holiday Weekend in Weymouth... All of a sudden grandchildren grow up!  We stayed at Debbie's for a change...
We did some exercise...(well we had to walk very fast to keep up!!)

We fished...(caught loads of weed..and saw some MASSIVE jellyfish...)

and this was the last time Grandad saw me with a dummy :)))

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Autumn Update Part Three...

Wanderings...part 2!

As you would expect, Weymouth often appears in our wanderings agenda...!! This year not quite as much as previous times, but, hey ho, we get older!!  As do the grandchildren! and this one in May slipped in a puddle, and cracked her elbow!!

Google ( and others I presume, have introduced this fabulous new idea to google photo's - Stories..and here is the link to our May Bank Holiday trip :))

Cricklade/Ashton Keynes...  We wandered down here for the 90th birthday party of Suzie's friend Jenny's mother.   
Weather glorious - check,
People friendly - check,

Food fun - check
Another picture story beckons!!!

More to come...

Friday, October 02, 2015

Autumn Update part 2...


Where have we been since March!!

Easter...we didn't go anywhere, these two came to us !  (Well, I did pick them up :))

And a happy time was had by all....we visited the Natural History Museum, Paradise Wildlife Park - (most FUN ever with BIG Lego bricks...)
But i reckon the best bit was cousins together :))

More later...

Autumn update..part 1!

Well, last post was in March promising lots of updates...oh hum:))

So, (as i seem to often say), what's occurred then in the Fazey-Wood household then over the past 6 months?

Veg Nest... not actually sure because I've basically abandone it for this season.  There are pots and onions in there, and when i begin again at the end of this month, perhaps they'll be some unrotted!!! I have given myself various reasons for the abandonment...mother's operation, other interests, but, all,-in-all, laziness must take a big part of the blame.  The little garden in front of the nest has also taken a  hit this year...

Work...  Suzie is loving hers!  Recently got a surprise bonus, her small group of co-workers are all mature, sensible (ish) people who get on well in their particular environment...sigh :))  Me, well it is my last school year.  I will stop next summer..cant wait!!  VERY nervous about what will occur afterwards, but, hey ho...onwards we go.

Family... Mother's health and quality of life had been getting worse.  Ever since her radiotherapy on the cancer of the womb, there had been a tear/hole in her bowl, creating mayhem inside.  She was sore from leakages, had 'explosions' and generally not good stuff at all, so opted for an op...a major 3 to 4 hour op!!  Well, it worked.  Her health is much better, although she won't walk farther than a taxi!!  No more nappies or rubber pants - (yes, it got that bad) - and her life is generally much better.  Except that her pals are falling away around her :((

Part 2 to follow...(hopefully!!)