Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where are we....

It's been a while, but as there's been no one around to read or add, couldn't be bothered to carry on with this, but let's give it another go.

Not that I haven't been keeping diary, aka James Boswell, ( )over the summer. Kept a detailed log of our hols and I'll perhaps put it on line here.

So, where are we....

Well Watford are not doing so well BUT since my last epislte we've managed to glory our way into the Premiership and if you want to know more about that read this I couldn't put it any better...What a day.

Some things don't change in life - whilst jotting this I'm watching England v Australia !! We were doing well, but the ozzies are clawing their way back into it (ICC World Cup in India - both need to win to stay in).

We're fine - both enjoying work (I know - shame on us!!) But wouldn't complain if we won the lottery though...)

We've planned our hols for next year - Germany for Christmas, Paignton in May and then off to the Antipodes for the summer (New Zealand - if you can get me in a plane that is!!)

So - what next? Well simple - football and hair do's are the order of today.

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