Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why are we so awake at weekends....?

It's still dark outside on a wild November morning and I've been awake since 5:30 am.


Yesterday ( and Thursday for all that matters) couldn't get enough sleep - took the alarm to drag me out of bed feeling completely knackered before the day even started.

But today - OH NO, awake at the proverbial crack. Had a wee, tried to bore myself into sleep by listening to The Ashes (least said about this typical English debacle the better at present - I'll let the commentators on radio and TV rightly tear the team and management to bits,) but to no avail.

So here I am - tapping into this instead of keeping Suzie awake with my non so gentle snoring.

So - what's happened in the life of Peter and Suzie. Not too much it has to be said. Pottering around our little nest, getting on with life - washing, cooking and all that. Beginning to get ourselves all prepared for crimble. More Suzie than me, haven't bought a pressie yet whislt she is well on track. Looking forward to Germany - we're going out on 23rd dec and back on 28th. NO CHRISTMAS FOOD SHOPPING - YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

Plans for the weekend

  • Domestic stuff - in particular iron!!

  • Going to watch Leverstock Green v Hertford of the table clash in South Spartans Premier League.

  • Tidy car- it's a bit messy to say the least.

  • err - bit of school work tomorrow before watching Man U v Chelski on tv.

  • Then we're off to Hertford Castle Hall to see the Independent Ballet Wales perform Giselle with Suzise's sisiter Pam.


They've turned this wonderful place into a BURGER BAR.....grrrrrrr

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