Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas is coming....

Here we are, life is moving on:). A weekend away, Rainworth. It has become our annual pre Christmas trip, to see Suzie's Auntie Joyce, a very spiritedly near 90 young person !!

I had two options, go shopping, or, go to Mansfield and watch footie - oh hum....hard decision :)) So here I am sat in a trendy coffee bar ( The Green Bottle) with a rather nice Americano listening to a background musac of a rebellious flavour watching the world go by in the afternoon sunshine. It's a hard life, but some one has to do it !

This place is run/staffed by some very energetic young ( and youngish) ladies...feel knackered watching them!

Off to see 'The Stags', as Mansfield is known as, next...might just be a pub on the way though:)