Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our little Veg Nest...year three

Just getting started on year three of our ( that's the royal our - Suzie hasn't been quite proactive :)) little plot. 

Lessons learned from last year -;
1) give up on salad leaves. 
2) not going to bother with cabbage et al
3) potatoes, beans, beets, etc are going to the mainstay of the plot!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Half Term

Haven't accomplished an awful lot this week...had a walk, been to mother's...fixed her washing basket!

Spent yesterday as a couch potato, watched LOADS of catch-up tv!!  Was quietly harking back to the days when we got our first video recorder whilst at RAF Laarbruch...Something like this !!
Seem to recall one neighbours little girl giving their's a drink (the tape bit popped up) because they thought it was thirsty!!

Anyway, as I've just tweeted....

@lendal: #plans 1) walk to shake off yesterday's curry...2) eggie brekkie...3) it's a football day :)) WFC V NCfC COYH's

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Over our lovely Christmas break in Whitby, I had a little wander to Robin Hoods Bay.  It was a bright and sunny Christmas Eve  - parky though!!


Used to do all those memes, like 'Friday Fill In..., thought I might continue with it; last post  on that blog April 2013!!

However, have found this one...

Feeling Beachie

So, I'll catch up with the last, as the name has evolved, 'Blog Hop'!!

The statements:
  1. Is it me or do you also feel like _____
  2. ___ is great but ____
  3. ___ is my least favorite food
  4. The ___ ends ______
My Answers:
  1. Is it me or do you also feel like we need a holiday!
  2. sneaky chip is great but the feeling of guilt is appalling!
  3. Marrows are my least favorite food
  4. The first half term of 2015 ends tomorrow... And breath...:))

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


For the past 18 months I have been walking...because when we went to Wales for Suzie's 50th, I
looked like this... A big, overwieght bloke heading for a coronary!!

So, I decided to change it all!!  No chips ...booo..and having tried all the exercise in the world, gym, running, decided power walking was the answer.  Its worked, I am NOT a lean mean fighting machine, but I am at least healthier and decidedly slimmer and fittter!!  Since Sept 13 I reckon to have walked ( in bursts of around an hour - my aim is to get under 15 min per mile) over 500 miles, mainly around our place, but with some adventures elsewhere...

One task I have taken upon myself this year ( well since August 14) is to keep a simple photo record of a bench by The River Bean at Stapleford.

Here's The bench...
This was the first pic, August 2014...

My record is on my Facebook page at

Wow...another two months gone!!

Going to make a at least update this once a week!!

So, as has become a new tradition ( solely due to my lassitude in keeping this blog up to date), I will begin this with a recap!!


We started off the festivities with a flying visit to out lovely ladies and boys in Weymouth..all growing up WAY too fast :)

Was going to spend loads of time loading pics...but thanks to marvels of modern tech...(and google!) I don't need on the link...


The seagull and me had a great time!!!

I have to admit, I love the way google is developing the photo side of ggogle plus...just dont use the rest of it!!  Do have to keep downloading the pics that autobackup from our mobile (tablets, phones...logged into same account on Suzies and mine)...keeps everything up to date...geomarking is fun as well:)

We finished up 2014 at John and Niecie's...hello 2015 :))

but before we go...our year in a quick video...

January into February...

I'ts a couple of days to half term...Ive lost half a stone...we had a cracking Burns Supper

and we move on now...:))

Back soon...