Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas To All...

Are we ready for Crimble...NO..well, nearly :))

  • Pickles made...Check
  • Christmas cake made AND given drinks... Check
  • Shopping list made...Check
  • Venison (YES!!!) ordered...Check
  • House tidy...err no
  • Decorations up...err no
It IS the intention to have as much HOME made 'stuff' as possible - so lots of baking, cooking and all to be done in the inimitable style of the late and much
lamented Floyd - pass the vino please ::)))

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little bit of R & R

We are here in the 'wilds' of Staffordshire at a wonderful friends place.

Right now I'm sat in the dark in the front room, in which the only electronic entertainment is a radio glued to BBC Radio 3, looking through a curtain-less window the size of a good shop front, at a fabulously clear pre dawn sky with an amber full moon looming over us all.

The grandfather clock is tick tocking, the cup of tea is steaming and there is not a movement anywhere, in the house or the fields that lead up to the trees on the ridge in the horizon (not a long distance horizon - don't think Salt Plain Flats!!)

We come here to be with a kind, gentle (some would say eccentric) man and to be looked after with peace, dignity and good food :)