Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Well, there we were, up a Tuscan hillside enjoying a lush meal with fab views when my phone rang...'unknown caller', so, as you do, I ignored it.  Txt - voice mail...rang it - Centra here, your mother has activated her lifeline after a fall...

She had fallen backwards putting out the washing on the balcony, broke her hip and was promptly, well not quite promptly, but more in a sec, whisked off to hospital and headed for a partial hip replacement op!!

The not quite promptly bit is because, broken hip and all, she managed to drag herself to the loo and then sat on the chair nearby for a couple of hours chatting to the lovely lady on her alarm box!!

New hip on the Monday, we arrived home on the following Sunday, and my life has lost its rhythm since then!!  Hospital visits daily for 4 weeks (she caught c-diff)...then when she came back to her flat, she fell over at 5 in the morning, so the idea of leaving her alone sort of disappeared...Sis came does for 10 days or so, which has given me some respite, but then mother was offered a one bed sheltered housing move...

After getting over the shock of the downsizing...she's moved.

Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!  Instead of doing the obvious, paying for a mover and house clearance company to do it, I ( and it was me...) decided We can do this...well I have, everything that has been moved ( and thrown out out) has been done by me...and Ryan, a very nice lad from man with a van co that helped move the few big items we could keep!!

Old flat being handed back on Friday - so three days to dispose and clean everything left there...oh well, back to the coal face!!

Old and New