Thursday, August 30, 2007

so - what happened in Kiwi land then?

For anyone who has been reading this (Stephen) I apologise for not keeping our travel log up to date. Considering we've been back nearly two weeks and this is my first attempt to blog - pretty shoddy really.

Been giving this some thought - why, after all my enthusiasm for keeping this up to date, writing a daily (or nearly daily) diary, have i found it hard to keep this up? OK - there were some excuses in NZ - lack of decent/cheap access points at the places we went to (more of them later), but none here at home. All i can find is jet lag, ad perhaps the feeling that by coming on here and writing about our trip it all becomes very much 'in the past' - it's over!

Anyway - I'll drop by over the coming few days and fill in the highlights - we're going back....

I want to catch one of these!!!