Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why are we so awake at weekends....?

It's still dark outside on a wild November morning and I've been awake since 5:30 am.


Yesterday ( and Thursday for all that matters) couldn't get enough sleep - took the alarm to drag me out of bed feeling completely knackered before the day even started.

But today - OH NO, awake at the proverbial crack. Had a wee, tried to bore myself into sleep by listening to The Ashes (least said about this typical English debacle the better at present - I'll let the commentators on radio and TV rightly tear the team and management to bits,) but to no avail.

So here I am - tapping into this instead of keeping Suzie awake with my non so gentle snoring.

So - what's happened in the life of Peter and Suzie. Not too much it has to be said. Pottering around our little nest, getting on with life - washing, cooking and all that. Beginning to get ourselves all prepared for crimble. More Suzie than me, haven't bought a pressie yet whislt she is well on track. Looking forward to Germany - we're going out on 23rd dec and back on 28th. NO CHRISTMAS FOOD SHOPPING - YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

Plans for the weekend

  • Domestic stuff - in particular iron!!

  • Going to watch Leverstock Green v Hertford of the table clash in South Spartans Premier League.

  • Tidy car- it's a bit messy to say the least.

  • err - bit of school work tomorrow before watching Man U v Chelski on tv.

  • Then we're off to Hertford Castle Hall to see the Independent Ballet Wales perform Giselle with Suzise's sisiter Pam.


They've turned this wonderful place into a BURGER BAR.....grrrrrrr

Sunday, November 12, 2006

up/down weekend.

Well here we are - just watched Arsenal stuff Liverpool on TV - nice play, it could be an interesting end to the season, (not that The Hornets are going to be involved. Taught a lesson by Chelski yesterday & lost 4-0. Drogba hat trick.

Now there's a lesson for any young kid watching all the diving and cheating. Drogba has stopped his ' antics' in league footy and consequently has delivered the business, mmmnnnn.

Went and had a good afternoon at Hertford and watched reserves play St MARGARETSBURY RES. Good game of football which we comfortably won.
Great night on Friday - surprise from Suzie. She led me (nearly blindfold) to Castle Hall Hertford and lo - there were the:-

Wow - have enjoyed their music since the first album. Never thought I'd see them in little old Hertford. Great night from the (as they like to be alluded to...) Spice Girls of the Court of Henry VIII.!!
Thence to our first Thai together - yummy

Lastly - here are the great things in life....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So much for my 'daily' updates....

Been a while (again) since thew last post - something to do with being absolutely cream crackered since going back to school after half-term.

Up and down couple of weeks - footy is going alright, we're not going to set the Premiership alight yet, but at least we've won a game.,,10400~33496,00.html

Middle grandchild was 2 last Friday so we paid a visit to the lovely Weymouth on Sunday and had a great day all round.

Monday Mother had a little visit to hospital for an MOT - interesting to see her in the ward when I picked her up. All the younger models around still knocked out by the anaesthetic, but she was sat on chair raring to go. Had to stop her from tearing around the flat when we got home to do 'housework'.

Sort of made me think about her childhood and it's effect on her now and comparing that with a modern child now. She would have been 12/13 at start of WWII and grew up in East London during the worst of the Blitz (with a brief stay in Devon when evacuated). She has never really talked about this part of her life, but it must have had a great emotional effect on her. She has mentioned the Doodlebugs though - and how terrifying they were. One lasting effect has been her terror of running out of toilet paper!!

Off to badminton now - can't believe how absolutely knackered I am - strain of worrying about mother must have taken more out of me than i thought. Looking forward to the Kebab afterwards though...yummy.