Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mother’s ‘Day’–83 years young :)



Quantro coffee to finish birthday bash meal….

A few pics from the album….



And long may this all continue Smile

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday into Monday…

After the non-events of Saturday (mind you the Chinese and chillaxed evening were perfectly fine), made my way over Mother’s in Chesham to find … SNOW!!



Mind you, Mother looks fine (if you ignore the sciatica Smile)


Merry Christmas etc.…..

Decided to get back into gear and keep a running blog this Yule season Smile (and if I really get going to keep this up to date and move away from Facebook….)

So (what a limp way to start!!), what’s happened so far?

RELAXED start to the season Smile


Friday 17th

Had a relaxed evening with fellow badders people – long time friends for Suzie; big part of her life.



Saturday 18th

Peter was supposed to :

a) Watch Watford play Preston North End in the afternoon,

b) Then wander off to Luton for school christmas bash…

Suzie was supposed to go to St Stephen’s for the last dance bash before christmas ….


it snowed Smile



So the world came to a stop….Sad smile