Saturday, November 07, 2015

Bus pass

Right...having checked, I can't get a bus pass in England till I'm 66!!!  London, yes, everywhere else in the UK, :(((

So, it's back to #getfitordie part three...

Going to call this thread #get fit for me bus pass :))

#getfitformebuspass update!!

So,into week 2 of me new 'regime'... (Target Coll 10km)

So, week 1runs :-

And now into week 2!!

That's an average pace of 12.39 min/mile!! At 6.2 miles that's about 1.25 hours - which gives me a target of getting my min per mile down to around 11.6 min/mile:))

Got me new shoes and phone carrier :)) 

Correct colours:))