Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friday Fill- In (I know it's Wednesday, don't be picky...)

Haven't done this for a while....

1. When I fell in love she sat on my lap...!

2. Can't wait for.... when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!

3. Oh no! The Internet connection is down, I'll have to read a book, something.

4. Q (Spike Milligan) is the craziest TV show ever.

5. Cheese and piccalilli in fresh baked white bread make a great meal!

6. The cat's have been ***** in (our) a garden.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____! I;ll skip this one and wait till Friday - but tonight I'm looking forward to the gym and then Chelsea v Liverpool on TV


Here's the first photo-blog pic then -

It's a tree that's just come alive outside our classes - makes the day a bit brighter in this drab spring weather.

Good morning all.

For some reason awake bloody early, so wash, shave and a cup of tea and sat here surfing away through other peoples lives on the random blog changer!!

Haven't been to this one for a while, but it's quite reassuring that there really are some quite normal people in the 'Good Old USA' !!

I'm going to blatantly steal the idea stolen by of a daily photo blog - especially as I now have ANEWPHONE !!

Been going the gym regularly again since January - definitely feeling the benefit now; weight slowly going down, tummy still very visible though, a few aches and pains as the creaking bones creak a bit more!! Started to go again as my lower back was aching far too much - still does, but in twinges, rather than the constant ache that was there. Suzie is coming as well now - aiming to get that size smaller wedding dress!!

Ah, well, better finish cup of tea, put on tie and wander off to school - I like today, it's my every other Wednesday when I have non-contact time ALL morning, which usually means nothing much done of my own as I'm grabbed to do the boysie tech stuff around the school - like yesterday; 'my projector won't work' - it did when I turned the plug on....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Been a busy boy...

Our anti cat campaign carries on at speed!!! Must have spent a small fortune last year on pills, spray and potions - now it's gravel and pots!!!
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who's been a dirty girl then?

Had a good day - Suzie's been a busy bee trying to outwit all the cats around here, and I've a new phone... This one!!
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Friday, April 25, 2008

It's been a while....again, but there and then, no one reads this anyway...

It's Friday, it's nearly May and at last we've had a modicum of reasonable weather (with some dirty showers thrown in of course, can't expect anything else!!).

So, what's gone down in the world of the Fazey-Wood since I last spoke?

Work wise, Suzie's been on the up after her mid life crisis of the winter!! We've had an OFSTED at school that's left everyone with a very deflated feeling - not that we were bad, but just they came, sauntered around and vanished after finding the most irritating of points to score against us with what has appeared to me (being just a minion) little or no explanation!!

Never mind, we finished the week with a wine and quiz party to raise funds for the Friends of the school .... which meant last Saturday was a bit of a fuzz!!

I've started wearing a suit and other 'smart' attire - just to confuse everybody and get them to believe I might be good at my job:-)

Family wise we're all doing fine, aren't you Debs and Claire?

Had a good Easter - went to West Fleet for our now traditional camping visit with Suzie's wonderful nephew Aaron ...

fun fishing....(no WE didn't catch anything)

- brrrrrr and windy! Quite comfortable - although we did have to buy a smaller tent as our usual one decided it wanted to be a parachute in the wind...(the sleeping bag AND quilt kept us warm. What a new toilet block there - underfloor heating in FULL bathrooms!

Sunset at West Fleet - Suzie's work...

I'm going to make the effort to fill in this at least weekly...just read a book by a Tory (rich geezer!) politician from late 19th early 20th century - Herbert Maxwell. Whilst very bland in itself , he makes the point that we can all leave a footprint in the sand for those who follow can look at. (A bit deep for this time of the day - It's 6 something here in sunny Bengeo).

Must get back to the Friday stuff as well...