Monday, October 23, 2006

What the f.....
Just joined the 'cyber' society of the yahoo chat rooms - and as the line say's, what the f... is going on there?  Either I'm very slow or my life hasn't been as sad as I thought it is!!  Lots of extremely weird names, so have taken myself to the '50's' room - bonkers!!
A pleasant weekend has been had by all - Suzie went dancing and I went to chill at Hertford ( they won - see . )  As for the Golden Boys - drew nil all away at Charlton.  Not encouraging - going to see them on Tuesday in League Cup against Hull - MUST win...
Not sure what we're supposed to use these blogs for - need to read some more to get the feel of what it is I'm doing here.  I've glimpsed articles and bits on tv news about how people have used them to change lives - if i was that ambituous I'd have tried harder in y life... Don't fanatically want to write about my daily life at school, but mught try to put in the more funny bits (if I can remember them - seeing as dementia appears to be setting in early)
talking of forgetting - Baby daughter was 26 on Sat - WOW!! Didn't forget her birthday - just the card - it's on it's way now though.  AND if you're looking Debs - you're the baby baby daughter!!
Night night Jon Boy

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