Sunday, September 04, 2011

OUCH !!!

It's last day of school hols here - back to work tomorrow, which will be a relief after the past three weeks!!

We packed up at Hinderwell on the Saturday morning & my arm ached - by the time we collected mother from Cousin Jen's it hurt....and, having decided to come back via Scarborough and the coast road, it was absolute AGONY by the time we travelled there.  Couldn't turn, had to hold my left arm behind my head all the time - nothing touched - heat pads, co-codimal - ibuprofen...Suzie drove  - we abandoned mother, came home and I reckon I spent the best part of two and a half weeks on the bed (with the exception of visiting Dr's &  Oesteopath - Paul - HIGHLY RECOMEND HIM )...

Right now on stronger pain killers, ice packs and shiraz :)

We did have a good time hols will be Easter at Westfleet :)