Friday, December 01, 2006

Another week, another crap game of football....

Optimism was high in August, less so after all the crap decisions given against us by "professional referees" - put much more eloquently than I ever could by Iceman from Glory Horns forum But being beat by a crap team, in a crap game, by a crap decision, (Danny Webber WAS offside by at least a yard), really has pissed me off. Hopefully, this is now the nadir, and we will move onwards and upwards from here. In another life I knew a guy who's catch word (in amateur dramatics) was quietly confident - I'm trying, BUT........

Anyway, there are more important things in life than football ( not too sure about that). Mother is having 'it all taken away' (to quote the late great Hilda Baker) this week to stop any attacking cells. Nuff said.

Plans for the weekend?
First - domesticity rears it's ugly head - need clothes as it's getting cold out there!!
Second - watch Hertford play Welwyn Garden City, as WFC have another weekend off (bloody sky...grrrr.)
Thirdly - get up to date with the paying stuff. Had a letter this week about the future of teacher's pensions. Came with a great shock that this time in TEN years I'll be retired, (from teaching if not from work - look out Tesco's/ Sainsbury's, here I come for the most menial, non responsible, no kids jobs I can find!!!). Bleeding hell, time moves exceedingly quickly when you're having fun!!!

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