Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well - we've done it....

As I said here:-

We're off to Kiwi Land!

Fly out from Heathrow 21st Jul at 4:15 pm, return on 18th Aug. Planning starts now :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! and OH F****


Well, for those of you not 'involved' in supporting a particular team in any kind of sport, that kind of feeling must be hard to find.

We (Watford FC that is for those of you who perhaps haven't followed this little blog over the past couple of years - as an aside, that itself feels strange - am I just scribbling to myself or has anyone EVER looked at this?) have just won our second game of the season, beating Blackburn Rovers 2 - 1.

Amazing - after months of hard luck stories : hitting crossbars, last minute (and even 97th minute!!) penalties and controversial goals - it went our way, Blackburn own goal, gave them one back as we do, then great head in by Jay DeMerit. Felt like aftermath of Cardiff all over again.

Can we stay up - doubt it, but let's have fun and try boys...

OH F****

Another tale of footie = this time Hertford's VALIANT attempt t progress to the prestigious semi-final of the Herts Senior Cup.

Played League 2 team Barnett FC on Monday evening - good game and the boys gave it all ONLY to be done by a couple of poor refereeing decisions in added on time - free kick followed by a penalty.... I'll say no more just read....

AND on a side note - Suze's been given her time off, so we ARE off to Kiwi Land in our summer..... better get myself sorted out as far as flying goes then.... :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Taggesd this from

A- Available or single? Not available. Technically single in the eyes of the law.
B- Best Friend? Suzie...XXX
C- Cake or Pie? Has to be Rich Fruit Cake, eaten with a slice of Wensleydale cheese.
D- Drink of Choice? Winter - probably red wine; Summer iced dry cider.
E- Essential Item? Mobile :-).
F- Favorite Colour? Yellow
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Gummi Worms!
H- Hometown? Bengeo, Hertfordshire.
I- Indulgence? Big Breakfast before footie...yummy.
J- January or February? February, because it's closer to Spring.!
K. Kids and names? Claire & Debbie PLUS Alisha, Malik and Camlin...
L- Life is incomplete without? FOOTBALL
M- Marriage Date? ...err ask Suzie....
N- Number of Siblings? Hi Janice.
O- Oranges or apples? Apples
P- Phobias/Fears? Flying and out of control heights.
Q- Favorite Quote? I'll have to think about this for a while.
R- Reason to Smile? Alisha, Malik and Camlin...
S- Season? Autumn.
T- Tag three people! I'm Billy no mates me...
U- Unknown Fact About Me? If I told you it wouldn't be "unknown"
V-Vegetable you hate? SPROUTS!!!
W- Worst habit? Interupting people.
X- X-Rays you’ve had? Prostrate?
Y- Your favorite food? Depends on the mood, but probably charcoaled steak ('cos I can't have too often!!)
Z- Zodiac? Leo

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good day; Bad day...

Good day...

Generally yesterday was full of the good simple things in our life, nothing ecstatic, just seemed right.

Suzie spent the day with her nephew, Aaron, and took him to Linton Zoo. A more polite and well behaved 9 year old would be hard to find. They wandered around, highlight appearing to be
the lemur
(He's there somewhere - HONEST!!)

And being a typical 9 year old - the play area !!!

Then it was a choice between Big Mac, Burger King or Subway - being a healthy young man, he chose Subway... (as WE all would...err?)

Dropped him back at mum's and, SO IMPRESSED by his impeccable behaviour offered to take to Weymouth camping at Easter - YES was the reply... (by both Mum & Boy!!!)

Meanwhile, I wandered off to Watford to watch The 'Orns against Liverpool. Took Alistair - another well behaved young man. Had a nice, but unfortunately, reasonably unhealthy, breakfast!! Thence to the game.

Bad day....

Really poor performance by the lads, bit of a strange few days all around surrounding WFC - it appears that the boss has changed his coaching staff, whilst trying to fend off offers for our star, Ashley Young. Very lacklustre performance and we were easily beat by a poor Liverpool team. Ah well - let's hope they relax now and enjoy the second half of the season - treat it as a learning and development curve and storm the Championship next year!!

Oh, and back to the good day theme
  • both Hertford and Chesham won!!
  • Janice and Donie have at last been given a house by Aberdeen council and she's been promoted - well done up there!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Up and at 'em today - good night's sleep in our own bed after a couple of spent on cushions & camp bed at Mother's. Sister flew down from Aberdeen last week to spend some time with her (Thanks needed a change from me!!!). Prognosis for mother good - she starts radiotherapy here at end of month. Until then we have a bit of respite and can relax at home for a while.

Weekend was fun - Hertford rained off, so wandered over to Watford to watch our second win of the season in open play (don't count Accrington Stanley!!). A good performance against a team that played really well - onwards and upwards,,,,,10400,00.html.

Out for a meal with Janice & Mum - yummy.

Sunday - off to see grandchildren. Good time had by all!!!

Getting the big boy into the right colours.... :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thoughts on the start of our new year....

What do I/we expect from this year?
  • Biggest project by far is our proposed trip to New Zealand in August. Hope to visit Sue's Uncle Jack at Tauranga Bay. He runs a farm there and she went a couple of years ago with her mum. My Aunt lives in Auckland, as does Suzie's friend Carol, so lot's of reasons to go. Reason not to go is FLYING.... Going to have to swallow my fears and go for it. BUT if we are going to spend 24 hours in a plane - one of the end results MUST be to see one of these...

So we'll go here then... . The Royal Albatross Colony is located at Taiaroa Head at the tip of the Otago Peninsula . Looking into travelling around the south island in a camper. WE KNOW - IT'S GOING TO BE WINTER!! But if it's too cold, we'll just have to B & B.

  • Second hol to look forward is our Spring Holiday at Painton (bit different NZ!!). We're going to stay on a LARGE caravan with the children and grandchildren - should be chaotic and fun.

  • Mother's 80 next December, so we'll have to start thinking about how to celebrate this. As I KNOW she won't be looking at this (she burnt out the SIM on her mobile, so Blogs are well out of her range!!) we'll put ideas on here as we think of them - first being trying to get us all together for next Crimble at Whitby.

  • Football wise, If Aidy Boothroyd keeps us in the Premiership, it will go down as one of THE great escapes in football history!! We are bottom with 18 games to go and 10 points adrift from safety. HOWEVER, despondancy is not the name of the game here, as the team he is appearing to put together is hopefully going to be a bit exciting no matter which division we're in - should be fun.
  • (Good reading here )

  • As for Hertford, going to see them today, and they are a bit of fun to watch as well at present scoring goals for fun, two players with over 30 each!!

Happy New Year...(only a little late:-) )

Had an intersting holiday - lot's of German Wine and Beer; a few old favourites food wise.
Best moments?

  • Frikadellen in the HBF at Koln....

The Rhine in the early morning...

  • Meeting strange locals - Hello Wilhelm...

  • Seeing The Loreley - from above.. and below...

  • The Gluvine in the cafe by the arch in Cocham...

  • The Hot Chocolate and Asbach in Ruedesheim - mmmmnnnnnnn....

  • The trip down The Rhine...

  • And drinking LOTS of the local wine - hic...