Sunday, November 12, 2006

up/down weekend.

Well here we are - just watched Arsenal stuff Liverpool on TV - nice play, it could be an interesting end to the season, (not that The Hornets are going to be involved. Taught a lesson by Chelski yesterday & lost 4-0. Drogba hat trick.

Now there's a lesson for any young kid watching all the diving and cheating. Drogba has stopped his ' antics' in league footy and consequently has delivered the business, mmmnnnn.

Went and had a good afternoon at Hertford and watched reserves play St MARGARETSBURY RES. Good game of football which we comfortably won.
Great night on Friday - surprise from Suzie. She led me (nearly blindfold) to Castle Hall Hertford and lo - there were the:-

Wow - have enjoyed their music since the first album. Never thought I'd see them in little old Hertford. Great night from the (as they like to be alluded to...) Spice Girls of the Court of Henry VIII.!!
Thence to our first Thai together - yummy

Lastly - here are the great things in life....

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