Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catch up time…..

Last day of term on Friday.  We’re (staff) in the pub, parents are in the park…and this happens…  Thinking of all the children & adults involved, especially the Martin family.

On a happier note – went to watch AFC Wimbledon v Watford pre season game on Saturday – a cracking peter day out.  A couple of ales there, then train back to Waterloo and a wander to Liverpool St via a lovely quiet City…


Coffee by Lancaster Place


Close encounter with hungry squirrel at Greyfriars Church…


A chat with this chap…notice the date !!!


Boswell Land…(The Cheshire Cheese by Goff Square..)

Then Sunday……


a birthday lunch with lovely friends, lovely food (cooked by my good self…except for the LUSH strawberry Mouse  - thanx Wifie XXXX) and lovely wine…

Saturday, July 16, 2011

#Getfitordie update....

Well - it doesn't get any easier!!

Today couldn't breath for the first part & then when I could breath without gasping like a fish on the river bank my legs said 'Whoo boy that's enough' !! Felt like I was going backwards....

Then I checked my gizmo that tells me how I've done and...

It was THE fastest yet :). Feel better now.

Some pics of 'route A '

Target is to get below 28min :)

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