Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Sunday So It's a walk :)

Had another walk around the home base

Again not too far, but nice and chilly today:)

See - there are two of us !!

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday walking...

Had a lovely walk ...

Including this fabulous ancient tree

Touched it - wooo strange feeling!! What was around when the acorn fell into the ground ??

Anyway - back to pub - new bosses - new food - yummy :))

Location:Bengeo St,Hertford,United Kingdom

Saturday, January 07, 2012

and a Happy New Year to us all....

Can't believe it's been THREE years since I posted this

Has Obama been the fresh broom we all hoped for?  Well after looking at the red necks coming through he republican primaries one can only hope that our colonials vote for him again come November !!!

Crimble was stress free, agony free and very nearly alcohol free!! Loads left in The Nest  - made some big boo boos with the wine - a crummy expensive rioja,  a car wash French Shiraz and an Eiswein that really should have been MUCH better !!  Anyway....

Had a trip to Weymouth to see the kids 

We saw a reindeer :)

We had a birthday girl (84 and still keeping us in check!)

and the birthday food was YUMMY!!

As for the organisation of Christmas Day itself....our young lady awaoke to a Stocking for the first time since she was aty school !! We heard a squeek!!

The laydees of the house had a RELAXING time...
 and my favourite part was ...

so, we're looking forward to 2012 with hope....