Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Merry Crimble to all our readers...if there is any that is :)

Well, been an interesting couple of weeks since the last post. Mum's had her operation, I've been camped at her place for a while now (been home for an hour last Saturday...) and she's recuperating well with all the TLC she's been getting from those around her.

Nigel and Christine have been great and we are repaying them via a football game for Nigel (Fulham v Watford on New Years Day) an a girls night out when Janice comes 'down' from Aberdeen next month. (I was going to write the wilderness there, but that's not fair - they have a sort of civilisation there, at least one MacDonald's!!!)

One downer is they've found other cells, and Mother is going to have to undergo radiotherapy in the new year.

It's her birthday tomorrow and years ago we decided that as she didn't want, or need 'owt for the house or herself, that we'd take her for a meal and a trip to the the theatre in London. We booked her into the Mousetrap this year and were going to the little restaurant of the strand we'd taken Suzie's mum to a couple of years ago, and as can be seen, a good time was had by all!!

As she can't come, Denise is taking her place - good job it's not musical!!!

Then we're off to Germany on Saturday morning for a few days - yummy, looking forward to the first taste of that luvverly beer; mmmmnnnnnnnnn.

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