Thursday, October 26, 2006

Half - term...

what have we done then? Not a lot (although Janice will be exceedingly glad to know the loo door is fixed...), booked Mother's birthday pressie - going to see The Mousetrap ( on 21st Dec - should be fun.

We'll have to go to THE traditional restaurant this year, (lovely little Italian just off The Strand )relive the good times in the past - celebrate Barbara - not mourn and have a bottle of wine for her, she'll enjoy that.

Been busy getting all cybered up = set up our own little web site - I'm sure all you techno's out there could do something much more exotic- but it'll come.

What 's the plan for the rest of today then - (think I'll try and keep this up to date on a daily basis even if I don't manage to pan it out much!!).

  • Get dressed would be a good idea - quite sure Bengeo doesn't want to see a podgy middle aged bloke wandering around the village with just a towel on (bath was GOOOOD).
  • Pop to shop - get victuals for brekkies (well lunch then).
  • Wander off to Hoddesdon to get Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea, the Sea' - going to read all the past Booker Prize winners ( and after a quick search of the local library catalogue this is the earliest one available without having to reserve.
  • GOT to plan for next week at school - helps if you know what you're doing!!
  • Badminton, Beer and Kebab.

Tomorrow off to London. Think it'll be Greenwich (market and Pie and Mash)and then The Courtauld Institute Gallery followed by a quick beer on the river, then to meet Suzie at Mother's.

We're going to benefit dance for one of our Teaching Assistants (Margaret) - hubby has cancer of the throat and his sick pay is cobblers - lots of drinking then!!

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