Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hols…day 4 ..and SUN!!

Tuesday 9th August.

Today was spent, in the main, on a wander around this wonderful place…

Tuesday 9th (211)Tuesday 9th (212)

We (well I to be honest) had decided that we would experience Whitby through a day of cups of tea, chips, walking, beer & ice-cream…although the last is yet to happen!!

Parked up by the Abbey and wandered down across the bridge, mooching at the shops (charity of courseSmile) then down to the West Beach…where Suzie played Queen Canute…

Tuesday 9th (64)

Unfortunately – The North Sea was having none of that nonsense and GOT US…

Tuesday 9th (111)Tuesday 9th (112)

Ah well – lots of sock shops…

Sea swell was high – some great splashing around the piers…

Tuesday 9th (84)Tuesday 9th (93)Tuesday 9th (187)Tuesday 9th (189)Tuesday 9th (190)

We ate chips and watched the bridge open…

Tuesday 9th (129)Tuesday 9th (131)Tuesday 9th (137)

We had the beer in the pub I reckon dad would have gone in…Tuesday 9th (144)

Some of us (!!) got wet again…Tuesday 9th (165)Tuesday 9th (166)Tuesday 9th (167)Tuesday 9th (169)

And we had a look at Kiln Yard…those were the days RIP Auntie Doris, Dad, Auntie Dorothy, Auntie Mary….Tuesday 9th (196)Tuesday 9th (197)Tuesday 9th (198)Tuesday 9th (199)Tuesday 9th (201)Tuesday 9th (200)

Lastly ‘The Steps’…How Many Suzie??

Tuesday 9th (206)Tuesday 9th (208)Tuesday 9th (209)Tuesday 9th (210)

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