Friday, August 12, 2011

Holidays…Train Time…

Friday 12th

Went to Grosmont and caught a steam train to Pickering - The NYMR (North Yorks Moors Railway).

Again…family connections made this all the more of an experience – Granddad &, I am led to believe, Great Granddad Wood were born, raised and worked on the railway in Grosmont – Dad was born up the hill at Egton – went to school in Egton – then granddad moved about a bit with the railway till he retired when they lived in Loftus…

My challenge now is to tie up all the pieces and raid ancestory et al and put them altogether.

Anyway – we had a great day – started off with breakfast at Sandsend:-

Friday 12th (17)Friday 12th (20)Friday 12th (21)Friday 12th (22)

Then off with mother across the moors to GrosmontFriday 12th (45)Friday 12th (48)Friday 12th (56)Friday 12th (74)Friday 12th (89)

If you haven’t walked the Moors and want to see the depth and extent of the scenery – travel on this trainThumbs up

Friday 12th (79)Friday 12th (104)Friday 12th (106)Friday 12th (110)

And our next challenge is this…

Friday 12th (93)Friday 12th (94)

They are called camping coaches AND Mother has stated a wish to sleep in one!!

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