Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holidays…nearly done :(

Thursday 11th

A day of chat and nostalgia again…Cousin Christine popped over from Yarm – again a place littered with references to our families earlier lives.  Another lovely lunch followed by the comment of the year from my mother:-

‘I was on the bus from Stockton when this monkey bit me….’

As can be imagined – lots of staring and open mouths…transpires she was working in a shop in Hartburn and a bloke had a monkey on a lead – told her it was a good monkey – then it promptly bit her!! All before I was born…they live in this caravan

which they had persuaded a friend to pull up from Slough – 1953!!

Anyway – back to Serenity whence the normal order of life returned and I STUFFED Suzie at doms Smile

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