Wednesday, August 10, 2011 5 ‘Saltburn…’

Wednesday 10th

A wet morning……again Sad smile

Wednesday 10th (1)

Never mind – a day spent with Mother visiting Saltburn-by-the-Sea…A place born out of the mind of Henry Pease in the 1850’s…should have stayed there!!

Our reason for going was to see Cousin Ann – probably the only relative I know from Granddad Wood’s side of the family – she is my dad’s cousin – his uncles daughter…(think that’s right!!).

Wednesday 10th (38)

After a sumptuous casserole, Suzie and Me left the two ladies to have a chat and wondered around the grand surroundings of Saltburn…didn’t take long. There’s THREE reasons for coming here:-

the beach on a HOT day…Wednesday 10th (22) Surfing (if you like mixing it with a whole raft of seaweed that’s dragged in with the tide..and like the cold…Smile)

Wednesday 10th (39)Wednesday 10th (44)Wednesday 10th (46)

The pier (which to to Saltburn’s credit has had dosh spent on it)

Wednesday 10th (6)Wednesday 10th (42)

Oh, and the Vernacular Railway….

Wednesday 10th (13)Wednesday 10th (14)Wednesday 10th (15)Wednesday 10th (16)Wednesday 10th (17)Wednesday 10th (24)Wednesday 10th (25)

Then it was back to Serenity, a tent that had been half blown down and a night of more wet and blustery stuff that just DIDN’T SEEM FAIR Steaming mad

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