Monday, August 08, 2011

Holidays Whitby 2011…Sunday.

Sunday 7th

Had a good day  - kippers for breakfast….Plate

Sunday 7th (85)Sunday 7th (86)

Birdies for company – they were funny, Suzie chucked some bread out for them and they were rushing out of the hedge, picking up a piece and rushing back…then later on we some lady blackbird going back into the hedge and appearing with bits of saved bread!!

Sunday 7th (20)

We had dinner over at Jen’s – complete with very excitable doggies who wore us out just watching them  - they ( and us) will try to get tired walking up Rosemary Topping today ( not sure who’s idea it was – but we’re going !!)

Suzie and me left Jen’s with the intention of going down the pier – but somehow ended up at Staithes…who stole the railway line…

Sunday 7th (32)

Used to be a steel bridge going from this stone parapet!!

Sunday 7th (39)Sunday 7th (40)

Sea looks smooth…

Hinderwell fish ’n chips for supper and early bed !!

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