Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily Pic

Spent the weekend at mother's (hence no Friday stuff - no Internet)...went fishing seriously for the first time in what must be 10 years. A bit of a pilgrimage really, went to Tring on the Grand Union Canal. Earliest memories of fishing here are with dad. We used to tie the rods to our bikes and peddle the 10 or so miles there. Flask of tea and cheese sandwiches (because you could use the bread or the cheese as bait!!). Remember breaking the ice at times. A different era - there were still working canal barges around then.

Anyway - I think I found the only part of the canal that was in total shade, so when the sun came out, I was still shivering in the wind,but I caught a beautiful roach with gorgeous red fins. For warmth I moved to a place called Buckland along the Aylesbury Arm of the canal.

Warmer, but a tad noisier than I remembered it as they've built a great big by pass through the quiet fields - *****'s.

Anyway - I caught my personal best Perch in this beautiful spot...

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