Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Surfing and found my next phone...

Had a Samsung for a year or so now - been looking as to what newbies are out there and found this one:-


"Samsung G800 (SGH-G800) Preview
Announcement expected soon 18th October 2007 NEW!

We don't have all the details of the Samsung G800 yet, but we do have enough to know that this is likely to be the camera phone to beat during 2008.

This is a 5 megapixel camera phone, like the G600, but we understand the the SGH-G800 has a 3X optical zoom, plus a Xenon flash. Optical zoom is a very rare thing to find in a mobile phone camera, but it is much better and clearer than the standard digital zoom found in almost everything else. The camera lens is hidden behind a protective cover when not in use.
It's certainly a 3G phone, and it is rumoured to be HSDPA capable. We understand that the 240x320 pixel display is 2.6" in size, and the SGH-G800 also has microSD expandable memory, Bluetooth, a TV-out port and an FM radio.
There's no word on pricing or availability, and we can't even speculate if the Samsung G800 will be available by Christmas or not. However, we think that the SGH-G800 is likely to cause a stir when it hits the streets.. we look forward to it. "

Sounds alright to me....

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