Saturday, October 20, 2007

Loyalties, and the Friday things....(ok IKNOW I'm late..)

It's nearly 8am on the first day of our Autumn school holiday and I'm sat watching the final of The Air New Zealand Cup live on Sky - loyalty question is who do I support? Should be Auckland as that is where we spent most of our time when in Kiwi land (which is showing some really naff adverts at present over here), or go for the underdog Wellington? Ok it's Wellington!!!

I've actually more interest in this game than in the 'BIG ONE' tonight - South Africa v England Rugby World Cup Final in Paris tonight....I'll be watching though...

Come on Waikato for next year then....and this game marks another small milestone in the slow disappearance of our hols - the cup started while we there!!

I shall have to keep a weather eye on the Super 14 games that start in Feb - The Chiefs are the Bay of Plenty/Hamilton area team.

So what's the plans for this week? Not too much, watch Watford play Hull this afternoon, then the rugby tonight. Going to Coventry on Tuesday for WFC's game there and possibly a trip to London on Wed for training.

CHILL as the saying goes....

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