Saturday, October 31, 2015

#getfitordie...part three!!

When I was young, okay 55 ish, I decided to go on a #getfitordie splurge and started to attempt to run ...didn't last , gained an inflamed nerve in my shoulder and I basically gave up!!

Over next couple of years I bloomed, or should that be 'boomed' into a chip eating well over 15 stone fatty..saw a pic Claire took of me as a whale in Wales, and started #getfitordie part 2 - a regime of walking and an intense diet AND it worked- 9 months later and I was both fitter and lighter.

Now, I'm heading rapidly towards my 60th year and want to both stay fit and enjoy food and wine and, we enter #getfitordie version 3!!

I have set me a target of running in the Isle of Coll 10km race in August next year...which had the added bonus of allowing me an Island hopping holiday was my first 'run'...!  So, 4.29 miles, 6.9 km in under 54 minutes is my target to beat, then on to the 10km!!

Regime will be (when possible) run Sat or Sun..walk sat or sun and run on a Tuesday evening ( plus badders on a Thursday)...quite an active lifestyle !!

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