Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn Update...Part Five!!!

And there's more...

Wanderings...Off To Europe We Go...With a (nearly) TEENAGER!!!

Well, we made a mistake, and I'll be the first to put up my hand and admit it...we should have asked a friend to come as well.  Sorry Alisha...but you were fairly patient with us/me...probably more patient than me!!

Anyway, we went off on an adventure, to Luxembourge...(somewhere diffrent, we thought!!).

To Camp Kengert..

Plan was to make it as much of an adventure as we could ( being a couple of fairly non-exciting people!)  Go on an overnight ferry, to experience a reasonable trip and a cabin, not to long a drive through Holland & Belgium to Luxembourg. Alisha had her own tent, we had electricity for the first time camping  (gone soft ...)'s another of those lovely Google Photo's Story thingies... you'll pick up on a creams, plus the artistic pics taken by the young lady. :)


Think we more than made up for that error by taking her bestie shopping on her birthday :)

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