Friday, October 02, 2015

Autumn update..part 1!

Well, last post was in March promising lots of updates...oh hum:))

So, (as i seem to often say), what's occurred then in the Fazey-Wood household then over the past 6 months?

Veg Nest... not actually sure because I've basically abandone it for this season.  There are pots and onions in there, and when i begin again at the end of this month, perhaps they'll be some unrotted!!! I have given myself various reasons for the abandonment...mother's operation, other interests, but, all,-in-all, laziness must take a big part of the blame.  The little garden in front of the nest has also taken a  hit this year...

Work...  Suzie is loving hers!  Recently got a surprise bonus, her small group of co-workers are all mature, sensible (ish) people who get on well in their particular environment...sigh :))  Me, well it is my last school year.  I will stop next summer..cant wait!!  VERY nervous about what will occur afterwards, but, hey ho...onwards we go.

Family... Mother's health and quality of life had been getting worse.  Ever since her radiotherapy on the cancer of the womb, there had been a tear/hole in her bowl, creating mayhem inside.  She was sore from leakages, had 'explosions' and generally not good stuff at all, so opted for an op...a major 3 to 4 hour op!!  Well, it worked.  Her health is much better, although she won't walk farther than a taxi!!  No more nappies or rubber pants - (yes, it got that bad) - and her life is generally much better.  Except that her pals are falling away around her :((

Part 2 to follow...(hopefully!!)

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