Sunday, November 04, 2007

late again...

Friday 5 for November 2: Lifelines

1. If you were on a game show and could phone a friend for help, who would your lifelines be for sports, arts & music, literature, history and geography, and science? Stephen (and now Debs for the science side of life...)
2. When you need someone with muscles to help you with a task, who’s the first one you call? Yoo hoo - anyone there?
3. When you need some creative help with ideas for a project, who’s the first person you call? Suzie
4. When you have a moral dilemma and need advice, on whom do you rely most? Suzie
5. When you need to know the best way to get somewhere, which of your directionally-gifted friends do you call upon first? Probably myself as I tend to get directions pretty much right, unlike the rest of my life!!!

Friday Fill-In #44

1Relaxing with a book and a glass of red is my favorite form of therapy.
2. If you get my voice mail you'll hear me.
3. My favorite product EVER is the expresso machine.
4. I see something beautiful in the autumn trees .
5. When I'm grumpy I growl.
6. _______ is my strangest habit.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bingo with my mum and Suzie, tomorrow my plans include my grandaughter’s birthday and Sunday, I want to eat food someone else has cooked!

Friday Fiver

Eye of newt, and toe of frog...

1. Did you celebrate Halloween?NO.....and being a traditional Brit - I hate all those places just making a quick dollar out of encouraging all these little kids to begg on the streets with the crass american idea of trick or treat....rant over.
2. Do you like to dress in costume? As a must only....
3. Favorite chocolate? Friut and Nut
4. Best scary movie? Not greatly into these, but any old Hammer Horror for pure comic genius of them.
5. Friday fill-in:just about anything i can't control scares me.

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