Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Fazey-Wood European Tour 2016 ๐Ÿ‘ซ

Good Morning - it is 6.29 Italian ( Central European Time) here in Tuscany...I can't describe what it looks like as we arrive in the dark and right now its still dark!!  Well, just getting light.

Here in Tuscany!  I LOVE the sound of that...

This day 3 of our little adventure, good old fashioned touring - so where have we been?

Day 1 (counting this as day 1, even though it was the evening!!)Friday 30th September 
(77 Miles)

Suzie rushed home from work - changed and we were off...to Harwich for the 23.00 ferry to Hooke Van Holland. (I had spent the afternoon restlessly pacing a circle in the living rom carpet!! )

Easy ( this will become an oft said phrase) ride in our lovely new car and arrived in plenty of time - our 'usual' meal stop was rammed so we had a wander, found a lovely Chinese that started our 'holiday off lovely๐Ÿด
On ferry with loads of time to spare as well...

Didn't feel the need this time to be on deck when we left, BUT I couldn't physically get to sleep before we had started to leave port!!  Oh hum...

Saturday 1st October  Day 2 Hook to Frankfurt 

Centro Hotel National Deluxe City

Arrived 4 ish, room airy and clean..went for a wander.  

That was our plan, arrive, walk around to have gander and find somewhere to go in the evening.  We wandered, noticed bar NEXT to hotel sold wobbly (Warstiener)..eventually returned there for a bier:) Had a lovely donner sandwich...
(There will be LOTS of food photo's on here, and so far everything we've eaten, be it in a cafe, road side service station or restaurant has been excellent ๐Ÿด)

So, to our exciting evening in Frankfurt...!! Not rushing back.  We walked to the old quarter, hum, few chairs around, few people sat on them, nothing inviting.  So we wandered on, found a square that looked 'bustling' - a duo singing some dirges, sorry, ballads with a few people dancing to them.  Felt very sordid to me, probably the grump in me coming out!!  

Right...this was as  far I went trying to write this as we went along...actually a tad disappointed with myself...

BUT good old Facebook has pics...Fazey-Wood Euro Tour 2016

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