Thursday, September 01, 2016

I turned 60 this July..

Remember 40 being a total wipeout, wrong people, wrong life...50 was good, right people around, Loch Ness, Edinburgh Tattoo and a lovely Indian with friends :)

So, what was going to make my 60th different for me.  I had set a few rules, A) No party...B) no SURPRISE party...😀

Luckily Suzie took the hint and sent me off to London for a couple of days furlough:)

Had a great time, spent me birthday evening walking along the Thames Path (South Side), past Brunel's Tunnel, Pepys Deptford et al ( I do love a good diary 😀 ) and on to Greenwich, via a couple of ale houses...

Next day it was The Globe and Taming of The Shrew and a bit of Baroque By Candleight at St Martin in the here on Facebook

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