Saturday, September 10, 2016

44 years....

Here at Patshull Park for my second go at meeting guys I met 44 years ago!!  Tried 2 years ago, was very ill, so did not have a great time.  Hoping for better this time around:0

As said, 44 years ago (on 5th September 1972) 73 of us embarked on an adventure - i.e. going to RAF Hereford as the last cadre of Admin Apprentices to our motto became,

"The last, But Unsurpassed'.

Big question is for me, can I remember any of it!!  I have flash backs, and chatting with guys last night over a beer/wine or two, bits jumped out of the ether to remind me of places/events...

Langorse lake in winter, or was it spring?, for a camp.  Rolling over in canoes, sailing for the first, and as far as i can recall the last, time in a dingy...running up the hill carrying logs! - i

Walking over the Beautiful Breacon Beacons to Crickhowell on a stunningly hot day and running out of water.  That first drop when we arrived in the town was nectar.

Cleaning the floor, cleaning the dog, our first shoot on the range, our flight experience down the road from here at RAF Cosford...

I have an appalling memory for people and faces - in fact I have an appalling memory, perhaps thats why I now take as many pics as I possibly can!

It was a long time and several eras in my life did lead to where I am now though ( with some real bumpy bits on the way!)

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