Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Well, it's nearly Christmas..again!!

It's been a couple of weeks off a year since I made any meaningful post on here...and here I am again, same place, same post :)

It's Rainworth time again, here to see this wonderful lady....

So, what has happened in the year since our last visit? We're a year older, Suzie hit 50 in August and we had a wonderful holiday in Wales...ALL of Wales :)

Family are growing up...Alisha appears to be a teenager before her time...I got fat, and now am thinner, due mainly to changing diet and lots of walking, of which more later...

Suzie's sister Ann is not a well bunny, and that will shape our life for the coming months...:((

Walking...I've done loads since September! Round us at Bengeo, along the coast at Aberdeen, Sleights ( being towed by a dog), round an old pit in Rainworth...surprising how how often it ends at a pub :))

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