Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fat and getting olderrrrrr…..


Here I am, nearing 55 and coming to the end of a depressed, overeating, overindulging winter….

E.G. I’m a tad ‘overweight’ Thumbs down


ALSO – there’s a distinct possibility I might have to teach PE to lots of energetic and enthusiastic young children at school from the Autumn term…LIKE THIS errrr noway hozay….


Well, obvious really – lose weight and get fit…Smile

SO – as of today I’ve embarked on a ‘regime’…AND given myself an incentive of a holiday

The intention is to get one of these…

Calmac ferry at Coll pier

across the water to here …

Map picture

and run in the 10k ‘fun run’ in August Smile

( oh and visit Tiree as well)

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