Saturday, October 18, 2008

LIfe, football and all of that.

So, how have my chosen teams been getting on in my absence from these boards?  Those who have followed these ramblings (HELLO DEBS!!) will possibly know I follow these teams through either a lifetime of struggle, having lived there or some other tenuous link ...

Watford FC.  We're doing ok...19th in The 
Championship BUT the football is much more fun than last years dross. A club I've supported from 
(Recall supporting Leeds Utd for some reason (probably the Yorkshire link and the fact that my 
cousin Christine's other half followed them)). 

We moved from Eaglescliff when I was a 5 something and I grew up in Chesham, a few miles from the ground. My best mates brother was  fan and led me down the demon path when WFC were a spot in the lower leagues.  Find their history here.

Moved here just over three years ago to be with Suzie :) Decided 
to watch the local non-league team when I could and have gradually become more involved!! Going to watch them today over at Watford (Oxhey Jets) with our new manger - Ossie Ardilles' son

Then there's this lot -  The Mooloo's !!!  Otherwise known as Waikato Rugby Club in Hamilton New Zealand. 
Now, when we were planning  trip last year I look
ed up which club was closest to Tauranga, and it was The Steamers. BUT when I was unpacking at Jack and Denice's paradise, they noticed my Watford scarf and suggested that I had come pre-pared!! Just look at the colours and you'll see why... So now I'm  fully committed Mooloo supporter ( they lost their last game of the season last week to Hawks Bay in the Air New Zealand Cup).  

By proxy, I'm also a follower of this lot as well - the regional kiwi team that plays in the Super 14 cup... Go Chiefs!!

That just leaves Yorkshire Cricket Club, England in all sports, Andy Murray and school!!

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  1. Watford FC my old hometown, that's where I used to live before I emigrated for many years! And I still own a half share in a business there too!