Friday, July 20, 2007

It;s wet everywhere....and we;re nearly off on our hols.

Good morning,

Sat here in wet Whipsnade on the last day of school residential trip. (want to know more - go to )

Keep getting phone call and e-mails from rellies in NZ telling us all about snow and wind and floods and rough crossing of Cook Straight - what's new!! Feels like we've had all that this week!! Weather forecast for today in Southern England is for TWO MONTHS rain in next 24 hours, and the first month is dropping down now.

Bought a couple of books to keep me company on our adventure (well I know it's not a REAL adventure holiday, no parabungyjumpraftriding thingymejigstuff happening, but it's OUR adventure), The Journal of James Cook and a The Explorations of James Cook. Hope to pick up the new/last Harry Potter at the airport as well.

Suzies very calm about all this, but she has been before - it's all new to me. Everything at home is packed, all we have to do is finsh work today, go out for a beer with Denice and John then it's up tomorrow an at 'em. The next time I get to write in here, we will be in New Zealand!!

Meanwhile, we're off for our "50 Dell Farm Miles" walk with the kids - well it's really about 5 miles through Ashridge Forest and a run up Ivinghoe Beacon - they enjoy it!!

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