Friday, July 27, 2007

Good Morning New Zealand...A quick update on our adventure.

It's been a glorious few days here - seems as if we have been around these parts for more than just the 4 nights.

Flight was uneventful - well for those that have flown more than once in the last 25 years that is. We were in the middle of the middle aisle - so a view wasn't a problem. Saw the ice bergs over Greenland ans the cloud over America. Hint - DON'T do the LA option.

Spent first day at Mariangi Bay - fell asleep on bus and woke up in Torbay WHAT.... made it to aunt's in one piece.

Tuesday we picked up hire car and mosied on up to Pahia in the Northlands - OUTSTANDING. Will write more about the scenery and wildlife later, on a dial up here and we NEED to share our pics to do the trip justice. Suffice to say we've had fun - seen dolphins, a blue penguin AND the rare Red Topped Parakeet.

We're at Suzie's friend's house right now - Carol. Tonight it's out for a meal and another COLD beer- now why do they have to have it SO cold? Lager possibly, but IPA? Now I'm not a CAMRA member, but the flavour disappears, talking of which - Lion Red is the distant cousin of Cameron's Ruby Red Strongarm - coincidence?

That's it till Saturday - enjoy.


  1. Think I could move to Bay of Plenty right now. Following your progress on NZ tourist board sites to get pics and more of an idea about where you are. Totally agree with cold beer comments. Sussex 16 behind Yorks with game in hand. Test not looking clever. Dons drew at Salisbury - OK (they are conference.) Your kids beat Wingate 3-2. [How interested are you in this info Sue? Prob not, I should remember it is a joint blog!!] Leave for Poland on Tues, not sure if will have internet access. Hope so!! Have fun, looking forward to next up-date. Steve

  2. Enjoy yourself - hornets also were hammered by Makabi Haifa 5-1 in Germany yesterday....

  3. Don't look at the rugby score. It might be good for the game, but it's not helping me much!! Humble Pie-Eater