Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good day; Bad day...

Good day...

Generally yesterday was full of the good simple things in our life, nothing ecstatic, just seemed right.

Suzie spent the day with her nephew, Aaron, and took him to Linton Zoo. A more polite and well behaved 9 year old would be hard to find. They wandered around, highlight appearing to be
the lemur
(He's there somewhere - HONEST!!)

And being a typical 9 year old - the play area !!!

Then it was a choice between Big Mac, Burger King or Subway - being a healthy young man, he chose Subway... (as WE all would...err?)

Dropped him back at mum's and, SO IMPRESSED by his impeccable behaviour offered to take to Weymouth camping at Easter - YES was the reply... (by both Mum & Boy!!!)

Meanwhile, I wandered off to Watford to watch The 'Orns against Liverpool. Took Alistair - another well behaved young man. Had a nice, but unfortunately, reasonably unhealthy, breakfast!! Thence to the game.

Bad day....

Really poor performance by the lads, bit of a strange few days all around surrounding WFC - it appears that the boss has changed his coaching staff, whilst trying to fend off offers for our star, Ashley Young. Very lacklustre performance and we were easily beat by a poor Liverpool team. Ah well - let's hope they relax now and enjoy the second half of the season - treat it as a learning and development curve and storm the Championship next year!!

Oh, and back to the good day theme
  • both Hertford and Chesham won!!
  • Janice and Donie have at last been given a house by Aberdeen council and she's been promoted - well done up there!!!

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