Monday, June 19, 2017

ummm Half Yearly Update!!


Here we are nearly at Summer Solstice and I've completed TWO posts this year; BAD to quote Donald T!

So, what occurred then?  Ive started investigating the family - hoping to create a timeline of Wood's, Pennocks, Youngs and Jones, with possibly a small dash of Bull added in.

Found Nan...:)Eliza May Jones

What else...been on 'holiday!  The Cam/Mal Arson 🔥🔥 Kingsmead Experience..good old Facebook...see it here

Went to Scotland...walked up Cairngorm (can't say climbed!!).  Great few days to myself camping in a forest

The latest incarnation of The Veg Nest is going well...loads of pics here

Ps...Retirement is grand...

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