Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nearing the end of another year!!

Well, five posts in a year !!

Not good enough I hear the cry of the crowd...I must admit to being swayed by the call of mobile computing and 'social media'.  Its actually quite an ordeal to use a tablet, or smart phone to post on a blog!  It is getting smoother (integration of photos etc ), but using a more traditional laptop/desktop is definitely easier!!  Even easier if you have a machine that doesn't take hours to start up, load, keep telling you its not responding :((

So, right now, I have a new machine (courtesy of work) and will be posting a lot more about us!!

First, a quick catch up of the from July to December...


End of another school year, to trips to London, one with the 'girls' from school to see The Commitments, sun and aalcoholall round!!

Then on my birthday, a pressie from Suzie, a ticket for Porgi & Bess at Regents Park Open Air Theatre
Started off at one of my fav places...Noodle Bar in Greenwich..walked around the Naval School, then under the Thames )


Holiday time...we went to Scotland again...Wanted to see Loch Ness, but couldnt camp in our favourite spot..
Our view in 2006 

Now instead of capming, we have glamping!! More Pods...
 I had a walk above the Loch... HIGH above!! Grand view..

We had asome lovely pub grub in The Eagle

 Then we moved onto The Isle Of Mull, right over to the other side to Fidden Bay...white sand heaven...if a tad more than windy!!

A very peacfull room, St Columbia was buried here...very numinous place!

A very choppy sea coming back to the mainland!!

A Suzie back in her natural environment!!

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