Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Welcome Maisie

We have a new addition with an old name to our ever extending family...a beautiful little ( very!!) girl, Maisie.

She weighed in at 6lbs 12oz at 2:10pm Thursday 2nd August - nice and gentle by the accounts of those that know these things...Big sister approves

and big brother

Was apparently more interested the big wide world outside the hospital window !!

We gave her time to adjust to the light before wandering down to Weymouth on Sunday to introduce the baby Maisie to her namesake Great Grandmother Maisie...

Now, neither Ben nor Debs knew about Mother's nickname, so no blame attached there then!!

When mother was born, she christened May Helen, but her Uncle Ted came wandering in, took one look, and stated "she's a Maisie..." and she has been Maisie to her family ever since. To everyone else she has been (just to confuse us mere mortals) called Mary the rest of her life!! At her first job there was three girls with the same name, so she became Mary...

No Suzie, you can't have one for Christmas...

Look, no screaming !!

Meanwhile, big brother was having fun with my glass case ( much more interesting than all than expensive stuff ...)

And big sister...

Wants to be a fashion designer 😊😊

Happy people :)))

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