Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Morning World....

It must be Spring....getting the feel to write again:) are 'things' in the Fazey-Wood household? Okay as it happens!

These wonderful people have begun the process of sorting out our damp problem so we can redecorate our nest and make it all cosy for the autumn...

Holidays...Well we're off to our now traditional Easter weekend stay at Westfleet this coming Thursday - keeping an eye on the weather forecast.

Come the summer it's going to be less exotic this year - 10 days in Cornwall BUT for our 2nd anniversary weekend we're off t Paris!!

Then at Christmas we're taking a cottage on Portland so we can have a Christmas with the kids & grand kids...

Sport wise...time to update this entry

Watford...struggling :( Off to see them this afternoon play Middlesborough - we need to win.

Hertford Town...struggling :( They're playing Langford today.

Waikato - did ok in the New Zealand Cup, looking forward to it again this summer.

The Chiefs...won their first three away games in Super 14...then lost the next three!!

Ah well - that's sport.

We're going for a walk tomorrow...going to pick one of these:-

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