Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's back....

FOOTBALL that is....!!
First day of the new season for the Golden Boys...
Here's a great rallying call for all us fans...

Our Watford

The dawn of a new season and probably a make or break one for our beloved Watford.

Those lucky enough to be the present incumbents of the board have a responsibilty to represent and uphold the values of our club and to lead us through these troubled times with integrity and wisdom. The assets of the club have long been stripped by others; barely nothing remains and we must trust that all the vultures have indeed flown the nest. The road back to prosperity is a long one and a single wrong turn could be catastrophic. Surely then only brave men would invest where financial gain seems the motive?

Those pulling on the yellow shirt and representing the club at all levels are privileged to do so. Many less talented amongst us would consider it an honour to be in their position even for barely a minute. Their youth musn't excuse them from understanding the seriousness of this moment at this pivotal time in the club's hisory. Their's is a responsibility to perform always to the best of their ability, for the betterment of the team over themselves.

Our manager is untried but trusted. Let his wisdom guide the team through the season, let his strengths overcome all obstacles. Let his pride, resilience and winning mentality spread throughout his players.

And us, the fans? We may not hold the power, the footballing skill or the managerial influence but our gift is an undying love and passion for our club. We will pass it down from generation to generation and it will forever bind us all, as one family, whoever or wherever we may be. Our love will never give up and our faith, hope and patience will never fail.

C'mon you golden boys.


  1. Here's hoping the Hornets have a great season this year.

  2. We'll need to be better than Saturday;s game, but it's football!!