Sunday, February 15, 2009


Seems to have been a while since i last posted on here...perhaps I have SAD syndrome, because all of a sudden the light is staying longer and i feel more 'up', if you know what I mean!!

Anyway, on one of our snow days, I took a stroll...

Over the fields around Hertford and Ware

Along the River Lea

Into Hertford - This Samuel Stone - one of thew founders of

And finished it with a scrumptous pint of London Pride and a home made Pork Pie (with mustard..of course!!)

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  1. yep it's good to see the signs of spring now coming through and although the snow was wonderful I am quite happy to see it disappear. We had such a beautiful sunny day yesterday (Barking) that Nigel even mowed the lawm!! take care, Judith

  2. Just across the pod yet the weather alone is another world.

  3. Your snowy jaunt was nice. I'm a fan of light, too.

  4. Still white landscape ? I have enough of snow, lol !

  5. lovely shots... I tend to appreciate snow just from a distance these days!!